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14 December 2009 @ 02:10 pm
My 10 new in 2010  
The year 2010 is a huge year for me, because not only is it another year to make my life better, but it is a year of changes.

I am divorcing my husband, and moving out on my own. I have never been on my own before. Since I turned 18, I lived with Jeff, so now the fact that I wont have him anymore to lean on is huge. I am not moving out right away. I am waiting to move out until I have a job, or until my childcare center is up and running. So, my 10 new things in 2010...

Go to Elitches
Go Camping in Colorado (never done it)
Get my nails done
Learn Spanish
Take a Cake Decorating Class
Take a train ride
Get my own Apartment
Go to the hot springs
Take a weekend trip.
Make Green Chili
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